Problems with relationships

There are many problems one can have regarding relationships. I will focus on just a few, which can serve as examples.


Unfulfilling relationships, ending with failure every time.

It may happen, that a person is almost addicted to being in a relationship, he or she is not able to live on their own even for a short time, and glides from one relationship to another, but each time eventually the relationship does not work, the partners do not match or something else is wrong. This is a situation that fills life with stress and makes it impossible to feel secure and stable. It can be accompanied by a fear of having a family or undertaking adult roles. In such circumstances a person can experience a scheme of building up and destroying relationships, quarrels, unfaithfulness, failures, or other unfavorable reoccurring circumstances.


Lack of relationships, inability to find a partner.

Some people may feel the need to build a close relationship with another person, but cannot find him or her, are too shy to approach a new person, or are good at small talk, but the problem begins when they spend some more time with one person.

(Some people just want to be single, so the following description is not about them.)

There can be a variety of reasons why one may experience difficulties in finding a partner. Fear of repeating the unfavorable schemes of one’s family home, fear of unfaithful partner or ending a relationship due to some other reason, lack of one’s self confidence, the feeling that one is not attractive sufficiently for somebody else to want to spend life with them, getting bored with one person – are only some reasons for remaining closed in one’s own world. Another reasons why one can be alone for a long time, although craving to be in a relationship, is the fear of closeness or fear of abandonment. Usually it may be deeply hidden, even from the person experiencing it. What remains visible from the outside are symptoms of stress, for example sweating hands or problems with breathing in the presence of other people (psychosomatic symptoms).


Another group of people being alone are the ones who have already been lonely for such a long time that they do not feel they can adjust to another person and doubt if anybody can adjust to their habits.


Whatever problem may lay underneath your inability to have a satisfactory relationship, we can explore it and think about the reasons to find a way out, and make you capable of choosing whether you want to introduce changes into your life.

Agnieszka Guzowska

psychologist, psychotherapist

I am a psychologist and a psychotherapist. I am trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy. Having completed a 4-year long postgraduate training in the psychodynamic approach I received my diploma of a psychodynamic psychotherapist. Currently I am am broadening my knowledge and skills in psychoanalytic approach.