Psychotherapy, psychological counseling in Warsaw, Pruszków and Online

If you suffer, you cannot think calmly and clearly, anxiety and sadness overwhelms you and you frequently feel uneasy – this is a place for you. We can have a closer look at your troubles in the atmosphere of safety and empathy.

Find your true needs. Build better relations with people surrounding you, face your feeling of depression, anxiety and uneasiness and overcome them. Start believing in your capabilities. Regain your self-confidence and restore your faith in others. Overcome your old, unfavorable patterns, a feeling of getting stuck or coming to a standstill.

Psychotherapy is a method of treatment, which is helpful when somebody is suffering from various emotional difficulties, especially when these are associated with relations with other people.

Psychotherapy is helpful in the following:

The problems listed on this page are just examples that can help you get an idea of when psychotherapy can be helpful. The list of issues that can be worked on in psychotherapy is virtually endless. What is important is that the person seeking help is ready to think with me about his or her entire life, not just a certain fracture of it, because then a problem can be understood in the whole context, and the therapy is much more effective.

Agnieszka Guzowska – Psychotherapy Center

Agnieszka Guzowska

psychologist, psychotherapist

I am a psychologist and a psychotherapist. I am trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy. Having completed a 4-year long postgraduate training in the psychodynamic approach I received my diploma of a psychodynamic psychotherapist. Currently I am am broadening my knowledge and skills in psychoanalytic approach.

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